June 14th, 2003


Wierd Kid

Okay, so everyone's seen the commercials when the two-year-old goes and unrolls an entire roll of toilet paper, stuffs some of it into the toilet, or wraps themself in it or something.

This morning, John found Jet with a big pile of toilet paper on the floor. He didn't say a thing. Jet pulled the cardboard roller from the wooden peg holding the whole thing to the holder. He studied them, and then put the peg back in the stand. Then he picked up the end of the toilet paper at the top of the pile and started to patiently roll it back on!!

John left him to it and when I went into the bathroom half an hour later, there was a very loose but neatly rolled roll of toilet paper on the wooden dowel. Jet had managed to roll *all* of it back onto the dowel!

Holy smokes.

The other thing was that last night, after John had gone to bed, Jet popped up saying, "Cookie! Cookie! Cookie!" So I tried to hand him a sugar-covered molassas cookie. He looked at it, grabbed it, and threw it across the kitchen. Then he went to the pantry and pulled out a package of ramen, "Cook it! Cook it! Cook it!!" So I did. I cooked half a package of ramen (this was after he'd eaten half a bowl of ice cream between John and I), and he ate most of it with his last milk of the day. He was very, very happy eating his ramen, and I quietly put the cookie back where I'd gotten it from.

When I told John this story and he started breathing again after laughing so hard, he said, "He's not YOUR kid, is he?" *giggles* My sweet tooth is legend in our family. So yeah. Not my kid. Yeesh!
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