June 19th, 2003


Tomato Cages

I grew tomato plants from seed. Gave a bunch of them to Joan, and now I was faced with ever-burgeoning tomato plants. I found some four foot high, heavy-duty fencing, galvanized steel wire and found that with my hands in the shape they're in, they couldn't cut the fencing with wire cutters. Then I was reassured by the fact that John, even with his huge, strong, healthy hands, couldn't cut the wire with a wire cutter...

... so I bought myself some 14 inch bolt cutters, for about half the price of a high end electrician's wire cutter, and went to work last night. I measured out 54 inches of fencing, cut the stuff so easily it was very cool, and then bent the wires to make 18 inch diameter cages, which fit easily over the plants.

So my question now is, if the branches stick through the cage, do I just feed them back in or do I feed them back in after they've gone over some wire? i.e. does it need training or should I just be stuffing the plant back into the cage? Does any one know? They're all indeterminate tomato plants, i.e. they'll be growing indefinitely, but I don't know if that makes any difference as to the 'training' of the plant...

It's funny...

... as I read more literature about RSI recovery techniques and peer at various aerobic workout tapes and read about weight loss programs, there seems to be a huge parallel.

Both weight loss and recovery from repetitive stress injuries involve a change in life style. Both require that the person give up the way that they're used to doing (or not doing things) and do something different or change their views about their body. It's interesting. Neither is a real recovery in the 'short term' (read anything less than a month or two), and neither allows just going back to being who and what you used to be. Both require that one small, "good" choices every day and all the time.

RSI is about work addiction, about doing things until something breaks. And then choosing to change that, add some maintenance and actually taking care of the thing that insults one by breaking. It nearly requires that one add some aerobics and some weight lifting and strengthening, i.e. to get off ones butt and be active. Just as weight loss really does. It requires that one admit that there's a problem. Hee.

It's just interesting seeing just how closely the two are actually linked.