June 30th, 2003


A busy weekend

We spent most of the weekend getting ready for the upcoming trip. Packing, washing, sorting, loading, and prepping the house and the garden for the neglect.

I did a lot of work on the tomato patch. John helped me dig up the drip irrigation system and replace it where it would do the most good for the tomatoes. We added a few more taps as well, getting the whole thing set up so that all the plants would get good and soaked. Then I had to rebury the line under the plants. We also bought two cubic feet of mulch, and Jet had a blast helping me put the mulch down around the plants. That was great.

I really liked having him work with me on that, though I worried a little about splinters in his small hands. I have to find some garden gloves for toddlers, somewhere. He didn't get any splinters, though, as the stuff was pretty moist and halfway composted already, which was nice. We spread the stuff about an inch thick over all the ground around and under the plants. It took a little doing for the latter part, as there were plenty of branches on the ground. It should, however, help keep those branches dry and keep the moisture in the ground. I can hope it'll help with the watering of the plants.

Jet loved squirming between the tomato cages, places where I had no hope of going, and depositing his small handfuls of mulch where he wanted to put them. I hope he'll be able to pick ripe tomatoes when we get back. There are already bunches of fruit on the plants, but they're still all small and green. We're having someone come once a week to pick tomatoes as they like and re-train them. Jet broke a few that had decided to escape the cages.

We also napped a lot. Watched some video. Found out that both our laptops play DVDs just fine. So we should be set. There's also plenty of room in the Eurovan for the ton of stuff we'll be packing along. It'll be interesting, all in all. It's far harder to think of a whole month away than just a week...

(no subject)

It's odd, turning CDs over in my hands as I contemplate which ones I'll be listening to on some road with both my boys snoring away and nothing but myself and some music. It's been a long time since I got to really listen, between M., Jet getting born, and the way life's been running full-throttle. So what shall I contemplate with the black and yellow of the road?

Oddly enough, my whole music collection is a weird and wacky wash of super depressing grunge, full-out musicals, teen angst pop, serious classical collections, hard rock, way out holistic stuff, and techno/rave. What to choose? What to choose? Especially when the criterion might not be what I *like* but what will keep me awake...