August 4th, 2003


Bummer Day

Spent most of the last few days doing all kinds of things. We got the plants, cleaned out 20 huge garbage bags of tumbleweeds from the driveway, I posted my journal for July, picked handfuls of ripe current tomatoes, got my first ripe full-sized tomato and ate it, washed the carpet in the livingroom (astonishing amounts of yuck from that carpet), and felt much better about being home. I'm still mildly depressed that vacation is over.

I got more depressed about it today. Got told that with high level budget cuts, the person that was supposed to be hired to fill in for me isn't going to be. So the group might get another chance at it in October. I'm in limbo, again. Plus, Jet slept in late this morning, so was extra especially hard to get down for his nap until about now. So I'm not an especially happy camper at the moment.

I'll deal. It was a high enough level decision that I know that my boss and her boss had pretty much nothing to do with it and can't do a thing about it. So we're pretty much stuck until October, and it's no better a situation for my boss than it is for me. We'll deal and we'll be productive, but it's still hard an all concerned.