August 19th, 2003


Interesting people...

Saturday night jonsinger came for a really fine visit. Jet did have an 'accident' with one of the tiny chili peppers from the tequin plant, in the midst of it, but we had a good time, anyway, and Jet's hands got good and washed and he cried out all the owies and promptly fell asleep.

Singer got to show all of us his glow-in-the-UV bits and pieces, some beautiful crystal glaze work from his workshop, and had fun telling John, who doesn't read LJ, about the gas kiln. It was really fun to get to actually ask questions and think about some of the stuff and how it happens.

It has hit me, afterwards, that the people who are the most fun to be around are the people who are really interested in things. The more they love whatever it is that they're doing, exploring, studying, or working with, the more fun it is to listen to them. It's just so cool trying to follow all the logic and where and how one thing leads into another when someone's really, really into what it is that they're doing and thinking and making. And the more cool things they find as a result of what they do, the more interesting it is to bounce things off of them.

I had the privilege of talking, this morning, with a lady who is nine months pregnant and talking with her about the whole experience of childbirth. She's going to the same doctor and the same hospital that I went to, so it was good to be able to give her some expectations as to what was going to happen and how it was going to, likely, proceed. She'd already had the birthing class, and she wasn't so much looking for reassurance as she was for data and to settle some of her uncertainties. It was good to just listen to her and be able to speak to her concerns.

Again, it was a really interesting and good conversation because it was a subject that intensely interested her.

Pretty fun.
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Last night, on the way home from the Rec. Center, Jet and I had a conversation of sorts. It involved a lot of mouth sounds, rhymes, and a few of his key phrases like "I put the candy there!" He finds that phrase to be a really good joke, but I'm not quite sure why, yet, but it cracks him up every time. It kept him awake for the ride home, so that he could fall asleep at a properly late hour so that he didn't get up until nearly 7 this morning.

It was really cool, to actually interact with him, verbally, for a good half an hour, even if it wasn't the Queen's English, it was fun.