August 21st, 2003


Tea and Hands

You know all those cute little graphs on the sides of tea cannisters that show that black tea has the most caffeine and oolong has less and green tea, supposedly, has like a 100th the amount of caffeine in it?

It lies.

Really. The amount of caffeine in a particular cannister of tea depends on the amount of caffeine that was in the original leaf and the amount or types of processing it goes through. I'll admit to having no idea how oxidation actually increases the amount of caffeine. The time you take to brew the tea, however, does. When the Imperial Republic White Teas say to steep for 30-60 seconds that would definitely insure a low caffeine cup.

The reason I say this is because I was a fool and I made myself some cooled (not iced in that it wasn't cold enough for me to not taste the exquisite, nutty, green characteristics of the tea, but it was cooler than room temp) pi lo chun (one of the greenest of greens) on Tuesday night to get me through the evening, and it kept me up until 2 am.

Growf. The bad thing about being completely caffeine free from my pregnancy is that when I do indulge, it hits hard and it works for far, far, far too long.

So I was a zombie yesterday, and in an effort to keep Jet entertained while John had a meeting, we played Crash Bandicoot 2, 3, and Crash Team Racing, though when I say 'we played' it was mostly Jet going, "YOU do it!" and watching the results. He told me, "No WAY! No more!" for the running away from big things that crush Crash, walls that crush crash, and all the ice worlds, which usually crush Crash. I guess Jet doesn't like squashed bandicoot. But we did have a lot of fun with riding the tiger, motorcycle racing against cars, and other stuff like that. Of course I completely and thoroughly and solidly TRASHED my fucking hands.

Ah hem.

I am icing, dictating, and being generally nicer to my poor, meat hands. Why don't cyber-cowboys have crippling RSI? Or are future cyber jocks actually really jocks as well in the future? Having to work out, lift weights, and keep limber and aerobic might mean a new form for the computer cowboy...

Anyway... one good thing that's come of being brave and facing up to my hands is finding that katherynt is willing to take on a bunch of my old fiber arts things that have just been gathering dust since I moved to Colorado. It has been really hard trying to face up to the fact that I really should be getting rid of the loom, at least one of the wheels, and tons and tons and tons of unspun fibers, but knowing that they might go to someone that would use them, love them, and enjoy them makes it much easier.
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