September 4th, 2003


(no subject)

I feel better today. Felt better yesterday, actually, and went to work. Slept like the dead at night, and Jet's slept two nights in a row until 5 am and 5:30 am. On the morning that he woke up at 5, John managed to get him back down for another hour... so it's been nice. I wonder, a little, if Jet's sick, too. But no fever.

Jet's eating onigiri as if it's going out of style. They're the traditional Japanese rice balls, just sushi rice with a bit of dried bonito shavings and crumbs of nori as well, so he's getting fish and vegetable with his rice. But he really enjoys them, and has been eating it quite happily. I guess that's what I get for growing a picky eater, a two-year-old that'll only eat sushi and won't touch boxed macaroni and cheese.

Machine Maintenance

Ooo... just found the Semagic client and I'm really enjoying using it. Lots of neat features and pretty functions and a very usable interface. Nice.

The home machine is gradually dying, so I finally backed up all of our data onto a couple of CDs. The hard disk sounds like it's grinding itself into an early grave. We'll have to see if it's just that. Easy peasy to replace our old 4 GB HD with something bigger and mildly forgiving of the slowness of the processor. I've kind of been looking for a new excuse to get a desktop machine that can support my dictation software, so that I can do stuff with the home machine other than just play Jet's four or five-year-old software programs. But not really pushing for it.

Jet wouldn't let me near the machine to do anything to it while he's awake. It's his "TV! Racing! Fire engines!" and stuff. He loves his games, which I'm glad of, and he'll drive them, occasionally, but likes it better when we do the skill stuff. Still, even with it sounding more like a grinder than a machine, he wouldn't let me near the casing as he knows that I can turn it off or something.