September 11th, 2003


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I was in need of comfort this morning and last night. So I went ahead, and with John's blessing and his kid care of Jet, I made caramel pecan cinnamon rolls last night for this morning. Part whole wheat, only two tablespoons of butter in the whole batch, they still came out yeasty, sticky, crunchy, chewy, and very satisfying. I love shaping them the night before and letting them slow rise in the fridge overnight to be baked as easily as popp'in can rolls that are filled with things I can't pronounce.

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They were really good with some coffee. Jet ate most of one, too.

He went to Joan's, and helped her take care of Doc, their horse, and did other stuff with her; but, as usual, when Haley's not there, he didn't play nearly as hard as when she is. So when he got home, he had no desire to nap. It took another two hours before he finally went down. He'll need it as we're swimming today. For that matter, I need a nap, too. I had my presentation this morning, and it went very well. Good questions, interesting discussions, and much that was uncovered that I needed to poke at with other minds.

I enjoyed that.

I'm just tired, now. I guess it's time for me to nap, too. That, I guess, is the wonder of a five hour day... I can nap.
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