September 17th, 2003


Jet's first pre-school day

So I didn't see it. John sent Jet to pre-school yesterday morning, while I went to work. John had no problems getting Jet there and leaving him there. No 'No bye-bye!' at all. I even helped John remember the vid-cam so that John got some shots of Jet going to his very first day of pre-school. The mother of the other two-year-old said that she wished she remembered to do that, and John offered a copy of the tape. Yay, John!

When John picked Jet up, Jet was exhausted. He was so tired, he couldn't even say more than a half-hearted bye-bye. He had played well with everyone, had completely ignored 'snack time', refusing even to come to the table with everyone when they had their vegetable soup. He'd done fine with the other kids, and had shared well. When he got home, he fell asleep nigh instantly and gave John a two and a half hour nap.

Jet then woke up with a cold. Running nose, tired, cranky, angry at everything, but then he proceeded to eat an entire corndog. No mustard, no peeling the corn off, he just wolfed the whole thing down. Of course, it was already 4 by the time he woke up, no nursing, no morning snack, so he ate whatever John put in front of him. Wow. So when I got home, it was mountains of tissues, getting Jet to blow his nose as it was constantly running. I found the baby Affrin in Jet's medicine chest, and squirted him and he giggled. It helped stop the constant running and he was much happier breathing.

He had dry ramen, broth, and ice cream for dinner. He went to sleep at 10, was up at midnight, and I decided to just sleep up on his futon with him. Restless night, but he seemed to feel much better this morning. I can hope that it's the same cold I had a couple of weeks ago, as he seems to have the same symptoms and no fever. Then I'll be immune and it also explains the restless nights for the last three nights, as I had a really hard time sleeping with it, too. I took another two nights to finally rest in peace, so John and I will probably trade off night watch for a while. Then again, I seem to do better sleeping with a restless Jet than with sleeping in my own bed and having to go up and down the stairs to get to a much more distraught, totally awake Jet who finally managed to wake us up enough to come to his rescue. Plus, I've had the cold so am likely more immune.

So I might do night watch and let John take care of the day, which might be better suited to both of us.

Hee. It's now an appropriate thing that I got the nightwatch kilt from Utilikilts, huh?
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