September 22nd, 2003


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Well. For the first time in... hmmm... three and a half years? Something like that... John's off on a business trip. Only two and a half days, a couple of nights. John's parents are here to help out while he's gone, which is great.

They even did some night duty last night, though I stayed up later with Jet as he'd had a three hour nap during the day and was up late. I finally got him to settle a little after 10, and I went right to bed and couldn't sleep well until nearly 4, when Jet got up. I put him back to sleep, and was finally able to go to sleep when he got up again... this time George came up and got him.

I slept in until nearly 8. Tired. Harder to sleep alone than I thought it would be. Maybe I should just move Jet into my bed, not have any anxiety about waking up when he does, and just hand him over to his grands after he gets up in the morning. Of course, that wasn't until 7:30 this morning... so I'd be late for work, but so it is.
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Okay... this is the coolest idea I've seen in quite a while. Especially the possibility, in the long term, of giving an author a dollar for every copy of their book that's been sold. That's a lot more than most authors make off their books today.


A month or so ago, I bought a plastic container with five pink bar erasers, one white one, twenty-four pencil tip erasers, and ten pencil grips. They're in really bright colors, two kinds of reds, two kinds of blues, orange, and yellow. Ever since I brought it home it's become Jet's favorite toy set. He can count them, line them up as a choo-choo, tell me about the colors, stuff them into his trucks, slippers, and other toys, and basically do a thousand and one kid things with them. He loves 'em. We even bring them with us when we go out to eat and they'll keep him occupied for at least the meal...

Probably the best two dollars I didn't spend on a kid toy.
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