October 7th, 2003


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It is something of a joke, in the house, that the Women's World Cup is going on and we cannot watch it. The other night, with only 5 minutes to go between the U.S. and Germany, Jet turned off the TV because he wanted to see the Pixar shorts. He HAD to see Tin Toy and "No soccer!" So we actually put his tape in and let him see it. And mourned the loss quietly as we watched pieces of the Canadian game.

The funny thing was that after seeing Sweden attack for nearly three-quarters of the game, it seemed inevitable that Canada would have a really hard time switching from full-out defence to anything even approaching an offense. And so it was.

No lack of power on either side, but that precision play of the European teams should be interesting against each other. Of course, given Jet, we may only be able to see the U.S. Canada game... and that wouldn't be a loss, either.
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It's good to breathe again...

Even better to have a throat that doesn't feel like it's trying to strangle me.

I suspect that I may have had my usual stealth strep on top of everything else, as I finally got the big guns out last night, and hit it with the big antibiotics and my throat finally stopped swelling and hurting so badly. My lymph nodes were all rock-hard, and they've finally softened a little and aren't trying to strangle me any more. Whew. Thing is that the last three times I had strep, including two where they actually took cultures and determined, later, that that was what it was, I didn't have the fever or the spotty tonsils, just the rock-hard lymph and super painful throat.

My eyes are finally showing whites again. The dreaded pink-eye has been chased off, not nearly as easily as Jet's. Took him only two days for his eyes to be clear, mine are still mildly bloodshot, but at least I don't look like a second-rate vampire anymore. The sinus thing went with it, which is good.

Oddly enough, though, my lungs have reacted really badly to all this and decided that asthma was the way to respond. The albuterol is now very, very welcome. Each breath is a gift for me, again. It amazes me how trivial everything else becomes when I find it nearly impossible to breathe.

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Jet's been a blast this whole week, while I'm too out of it to take care of him, he's been great with his grandparents. He even climbs into his car seat, eats what they give him, and asks for meals, specifically, from them. He says, "Please" and "Thank you" at the appropriate times, and has even asked all the grownups to do grace before breakfast!! not just dinner. He's actually eaten his soup at pre-school, plays very happily with his grandpa outside, and he's actually started playing pranks on them. Little ones, two-year-old pranks... but still pranks.

George loves lining up for The Perfect Shot with his camera. He'll take minutes at a time to get the perfect smile or the exactly right angle for a shot. Jet has noticed. The other day, when George asked him to say, "Cheese!" for the camera, Jet grinned, said, "Cheese!" and immediately dashed to another spot. He posed there, and said, "Cheese!" and immediately took off for another spot, and said "Cheese!" again! He did this five times in a row, giggling the whole time, as George couldn't get a single shot in for all of Jet's posing.


I'm pretty impressed. Whenever Jet does see me, he comes running and cuddles in very happily as long as he can, and when I get up to go back to sleep, he doesn't protest me going, either. It's amazing.
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