October 10th, 2003


I am not well...

... but I am much better than I was. That is a good thing. I am still wearing glasses because my eyes, while much clearer, are still slightly tender and swollen, so contacts are a no-no. I'm pretty glad, though, that I now have my far more fashionable, titanium framed, tiny-square glasses (Calvin Klein, no less) along with my old Coke-bottle bottoms. The old ones are very suitable for computer work, the new ones have my full prescription, so they're best for driving or real-world stuff. Besides, when I'm at my computer I don't need to look good anyway.

I am proud of myself. George and Isabel left yesterday, and they took with them two boxes of spinning fibers and equipment. It'll still be another week or two before they get back to Seattle and katherynt can pick them up from them, but it's a whole lot of stuff gone on to a better home. I did keep a few things for myself. My bag of Fezzik fur and some brown wool to go with it, eight ounces of superfine New Zealand merino, my two bags of Scottish cashmere, and a few other pretties I couldn't stand to be without, though I only kept some of them and put what I knew I'd never get to in the box. So I can still spin if I want to, just a little bit for specific projects, rather than the huge abundence of things I couldn't use anymore.

So not giving it ALL up, but enough to feel good, actually. That was a good thing.
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