October 14th, 2003


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Over the weekend we had a cookie explosion. So much so that on Monday morning, when Jet woke up he muttered to me, "Paint cookies! Paint cookies! Paint cookies."

I made The Best Recipe's rolled sugar cookie dough, and Jet and I stamped out the first quarter's worth of dough. I did the rest and we baked 'em up Saturday night. Sunday we painted cookies with super simple confectioner's sugar (icing sugar) icing, just mixed the powdered sugar with drops of milk until it was the right consistency. The WS Halloween cookie kit came with coloring pastes, a little went a long way to making orange and black icing. Jet painted some, sprinkled some with sprinkles (with every other handful of sprinkles going into his mouth), drew on some with the drawing icing, and basically was very intent about doing what we asked him to do.

That night, he got to choose which cookies went on a plate that was going to Haley, his most frequent playmate. Jet chose them very intently, and watched them get covered up with plastic. Afterwards, I made a single batch of the 'chewey giant chocolate chip cookies' for John and I, they turned our very nicely. The Halloween cookies were actually really good. The recipe really does a good job of making a cookie that can balance the sugar coating, so that it actually tastes pretty good.

The next morning, Jet carried the plate, very carefully, out to the car. Then he carried it, very carefully, into their house. He even was very careful to watch out for things to trip him up, as he knows about those things, now. He even asked John to open the door for him! That's something Jet just loves to do, open the door, and John was very impressed that Jet gave up opening the door to carry the cookies. We didn't urge care on him at all, no reason to make him even more nervous. Jet just did all those things on his own. And when he got into the middle of their livingroom he announced, "I made you cookies!"

Of course, no one was in the livingroom when he made the announcement. They were all in the kitchen. So John got Jet to go in there and eventually, he announced it again. Then he wouldn't stop. "I made you cookie! I made you cookie! I made you cookies!!" Hee. He was so proud of them! Surprised the heck out of us, as we hadn't had any indication, while he was making them, that he was so into it all; but he was really happy and proud when Joan and Haley made much of him and ate his cookies. *grin*

I took the rest to work and they were demolished in nothing flat, at 8:30 in the morning. I didn't even know engineers got up that early... but ten minutes after my email announcement of them, they had vanished.
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Jet did get to eat some of the cookies himself, too.

And, sadly, on the day after John finished his first series of antibiotics for the thing he and I both have, all the symptoms have come back. Bah. So he's at the doctor. I hope that they figure out something that can be done, otherwise I know what I'm going to look forward to when MY series of antibiotics are done. Bleh.