October 16th, 2003


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It's warm on the porch. After a 34 degree morning, the sunshine on the porch feels like a blessing. Especially with Jet and I playing out on the porch, waiting for Joan to come get Jet. The warmth just soaked into my skin, my flesh, my bones, loosening up all the unconscious tension against the cold of the night and morning. The herbs are soaking up the sun, too, the frost-blasted basil has made a remarkable comeback now that I bring it in at night, feed it more frequently, and let it sunbathe during the day out on the porch.

Jet decided he had to wear his 'jammas' for today. Better then him going to Joan's naked, the way he's been lounging around the house all day. Nothing but his diaper for him, but he decided that if he had to wear clothes to go see Haley, he'd wear his 'car jammas'. Makes me envision Jammers lifting their dream cars from all over the city congregating to live on Jet's clothing. Hee.

Speaking of dream cars... mmm... 0-60 in 4.1 seconds. And powered by the same stuff that warms the porch. Mmmm...

Conflict of Interests

I've always had two conflicting desires with cars. I've always wanted power, handling, and style. I've also always wanted fuel efficiency. These two are in direct conflict with each other. Nearly always.

My CRX HF was a mild compromise between the two, the high fuel efficiency CRX way back when. The pup got 50+ miles per gallon on the freeway. It was cute and it was tiny enough that with my stick shift control of when I would shift up or down, I was able to get enough power out of it to feel good about the beast. It handled well, and it looked nice for the price range. When it got totaled, I went without for a while.

I then stumbled on the Turbo Diesel Passat, which, at high altitude, with the turbo assist, is a very, very fine car. It has German handling, enough power to pass nearly anything I'd be comfortable passing, has room for Jet and all his stuff, and it looks like an ordinary sedan. I'd imagine it's why the last five times I've been stopped by policemen I've been let go with only a warning.

Did I mention that I like driving to the capabilities of the car?

Ah, yes. The other thing is that the Passat, since it is a diesel, gets 45 MPG in city driving. 50+ on the open road.

I never thought I could do better than that, until I saw the TZero. Ferrari handling with a thousand times the fuel efficiency. Yowza. Honestly, though, I don't think I'm going to get off of any tickets in that...