October 17th, 2003


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Whew. My cold is not coming back. I have finished my series of antibiotics and my throat does not hurt again.


I do, however, have a small head cold that Jet's given me. It is not painful or terrible, just bemusing.

Jet loves Tin Toy and it's playing over and over and over...

Made tonkatsudon for dinner, though with chicken thighs instead of pork. The cutlet turned out beautifully crisp because I finally heated the oil enough before putting the breaded cutlets in. The dashi-flavored egg custard was rich and wonderful on the cutlet and the rice, and the crust was well sturdy enough to hold the sauce for the duration of dinner. I think John got through his in about ten minutes, he was eating so fast...

Jet ate a rice ball with some egg and green onions mixed in as well as his usual furikake. He bends over and bites the musubi instead of picking it up and gets bonito and seaweed all over his nose. He also ate part of a brick of ramen, as he's not had it for more than a week, now. We're gradually phasing out the foods that make John and I just shake our heads. The good thing is that Jet's filling in, now, with oranges and grapefruit and bananas. Yay! Fruit!
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