October 21st, 2003


Walk to Rivendell

I'm only at 318.5, what with the last few weeks of being sick, but I have decided to put my pedometer on just to see what kinds of distance I cover during a normal day. The amusing thing is finding that I now cover, on average, 5000 steps a day, sometimes peaking at 9000. This in comparison to pre-Jet, when I had to work to get 3000 steps a day to feel physically fit enough for the pregnancy.

Decided that these miles were worth tracking in addition to workout specific stuff.

Kinda cool. So having a kid may well make me more physically fit. Plus I found out that I weigh now what I weighed back in 1997, this was a fun discovery. I just don't play two or three games of soccer a week anymore... so I think all that muscle mass just expanded.
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