October 27th, 2003


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It's cold, now. Over the weekend, on Friday, it went from mid-80's to suddenly mid-40's and 50's as a high. COLD nights. Frigid to the point of having to suddenly pull out all the wool blankets. I put away all my shorts, tank tops, and silky loose pants. The local grocery store had sold out of half their herbal teas. The trees are now gray and black with bare branches, and John used his leaf vacuum and made the yard clean of leaf debris. The birds have cleaned up the dropped tomatoes.

We took Jet to a pumpkin patch, and got a hay ride behind a slow tractor that was mildly broken and was stuck in first gear, the guy had to time turning the engine off exactly to stop it by the hay bales for climbing into and out of the truck. Jet didn't object to bundling up for the trip, he was in a thick coat, his knit hat, and mittens. He clambered off the three-foot high platform with no fear, and then took off across the field and the first pumpkin he came to he claimed for his own. Luckily, or unluckily, it was squishy, so we persuaded him to try and find another. He claimed the next one he found, too. Hee.

We bought it and then he wanted to ride on the hay ride again, so we resigned ourselves to a full, dusty circuit, but at the drop off for the pumpkin field, he climbed down again. So we got to discover the field more fully. It feels like autumn now. Bite to the air, the slanting of the light, and everything around us is gold, red, and brown. Thanksgiving colors for the world. Decorative scarecrows were there, of all shapes and sizes. There were cutouts for picture taking, with the face in the drawing of a ghost, a witch, and a scarecrow. A girl got up and growled when she put her face in the face of the ghost, and that made Jet giggle. She and Jet started dueling, she growling and he laughing for every turn. It was pretty funny.

Eventually, Jet got cold enough he was okay going back to the car to pat his newfound treasure. He likes his pumpkin just as it is and is very puzzled by our queries as to what he wants to carve in it. *grin* "No, my pumpkin!"
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