November 12th, 2003


Had to...

You are Neverwhere! You are dark, intriguing, and
lenient. You might make people feel
uncomfortable, either because you are
intimidating or you dress differently possibly
both. In reality you are a nice person, but
people tend to make snap judgments about you
and think they can push you around. You
probably are idealistic and dream of a utopian
society. The friends that you have are the kind
that last forever and you are fun and easy-
going when people bother to get to know you.

*~Which Neil Gaiman book are you?~*
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A force to be reckoned with...

Yesterday the wind was a force to be reckoned with.

When I walked into the lobby, the tin roof sounded like an angry animal was smashing at it at random with claws, hot breath, and much roaring. The tree tops whipped the bridge between the building and the parking lot and as soon as I stepped away from the bulk of the building, the wind tried to push me from my feet.

Two women came out after me and they screeched, laughed, and clung to each other for support as they struggled out to their car.

I found myself leaning, hard, into the wind as I pushed my way toward my car, and even when I got in, got my breath, I could feel the gusts rocking the vehicle. My car would creak and groan with each bounce, it felt like some teenager bouncing on the car for the fun of it. I heard pebbles and sand pelting the sides. When I drove, the wind drove leaves ahead of it, faster than my 40 mph speed. Every corner held a dust devil, and a construction site had a dust genie whirling over it, hundreds of feet into the sky.

The weather folks say that the gusts got up to 70 mph yesterday. I could well believe it.

The cool thing was that it was exhilarating to be out in it, fighting it. I found myself grinning, smiling huge smiles at other people that were out in it and I found them grinning back at me. Mmm... defiance is delicious, sometimes.
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