November 18th, 2003


Never Give Coke to a Two-Year-Old

... especially for dinner, after a fun and exciting evening of swimming, playing with other people's toys, and being exhausted to start.

I was so surprised when Jet didn't nod off on the way home, too. I should have figured it out then, but Jet had gulped both John's Coke and my Vanilla Coke during his dinner of bacon bits, potoato strings, pepperoni, and ice cream. And he had a terrible night. We could have and probably should have gotten him a lemonaide of his own. Usually, I have a Sprite or something non-caffinated, but I was dragging and needed something. The only problem was that Jet got it too, and treated it like Jet-fuel.


So he was up for nearly the bulk of the night, only to nap for forty-five minutes before pre-school.

I'm still dragging after being up for half the time he was up. John took the other half. It's so good to have a team of two on one.

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The funniest thing about last night... was that after trying to rock, wrestle, lie next to, and even nurse Jet back to sleep for about a good hour and a half, Jet lay there like a lump for a good ten minutes. I really thought he was asleep and I was drifting off myself. Then, suddenly, for no apparent reason, he pops up and starts bawling in my ear, "Chokwat milk! Chokwat milk! Chokwat milk! I wan' chockwat milk!"

Even as exhausted as I was at that moment, I fell over giggling. I ended up warming a cup of milk for him, without the chocolate, but he didn't seem to notice. So long as I shake it thoroughly, he believes it's got chocolate in it, and I learned. No caffeine for the toddler... even in a squirt of chocolate syrup.

The good thing was that he did go down for about three hours after the warm milk. Yay for tryptophan, even in minute quantities.

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Two good things about yesterday. John was a sweetie and called looking for volunteers for the green bean cassarole. Of all the things I'm prepping, it's the one that has the most ingredients and is probably the one that's best warm before the dinner, so having everyone coordinate their ovens is much easier than me trying to stuff six gallons of green bean cassarole into my oven. So I now have volunteers for all the green bean cassarole.

The other great things was getting back to the gym and having a complete and thorough workout that has left me pretty sore today. It was good, though, to really workout. Both aerobic and weights, and I feel so much more alive today, even without the sleep, that it's definitely worth the doing. Whew.

Bodies in motion...

Poor Jet

At pre-school, the teacher thought he was a bit warm and lethargic, so she took his temperature, and it turned out to be 102. Not too scary for a little guy, but enough that she called John to take him home. He slept at home, and has been pretty tired all day and evening.

Though he and I went out and wandered around a bit before dinner, and he wanted to ride the lawn mower, so we went out for a ride. I bumped the mailbox when we went to check the mail and it fell off the post. Oops. As Jet put it, "Crashed the mail! Crashed the mail!"

I did, indeed, crash the mailbox. John's got it clamped up until we can get a new one this weekend.

Jet lay in my lap like a lump for most of the evening, burning up gently. He ate nothing, drank a boatload of OJ and milk, and went to sleep very promptly, only to yell, throw off all his covers, and go back to sleep just a few minutes ago. I hope he sleeps well, but I'll be home for him tomorrow. Nice to have very flexible work and hours.
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