November 21st, 2003


Color Me Disbelieving

Okay... I'm 200 rolls into my 300 roll... well... roll...

and my oven dies. It just won't light up. Gas is going to the broiler and all the burners. It's just not lighting up for the oven. I am glad that the failsafe works, no light, no gas, but STILL.

I'm about to hit something.

Especially since John took Jet and the celphone with him on a trip to Costco and he isn't answering the damned phone.
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The toaster oven is now doing yeoman's duty. I'm impressed.

I think I would have gone to the neighbors if it weren't the last batch of rolls. I was actually 240 into my 300 goal. I also have cranberry sauce to make. Luckily, there isn't a damned other thing for the dinner that depends on the oven.

I talked with John and we agreed that it's likely the glow plug starter for the oven, as the switches seem to be working well enough to light the other elements in the oven and the oven indicator is going on, so there's a connection. He's at Home Depot, so he'll look for a starter element. Otherwise we may have to call a repairman tomorrow, sometime, if it doesn't interfere with my other cooking.

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