December 3rd, 2003


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*happy sigh*

John just gave me my entire afternoon at work, with the work network, without Jet. He's going home and getting Jet and letting him nap and he's going to play with Jet while doing his two-hour meeting. Whew...

Jet's gotten a beautiful obsession, lately, with a $5 bag of plastic beads. Most of them are a rainbow of beads big enough to fit easily over pipe-cleaners, some of them are pastel representations of real-life things. Giraffes, lions, butterflies, dolphins, whales, cars, train engines, and even jet plane are all represented as big beads. He loves stringing them on pipe-cleaners with a tiny, tin bell used as an anchor. The combinations he comes up with are pretty cool, too. Easily usable as a random number generator.

I only introduced the bag to him last night, and he's generated nearly eight bead 'rings' so far. I just close the ends on themselves and cover the sharp tips with the beads on either side of the join. They might make good Christmas ornaments or phone jewelry or just to hang on the refrigerator like a toddler's drawings. *grin* He immediately thought about giving them to all his friends, too, and chased Joey (the big five-year-old in his pre-school) around with one this morning. I imagine all his grandparents will get one and maybe Kathy will accept one as well.

Jet's just so proud of making them. It's cool.

It may buy John plenty of time during his meeting, too.

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I love watching the trains go by my office window. They're actually across the highway, so there's space enough to have the noise not interrupt. Still, the neverending creep of traincars, all alike and all different, is fun to watch. Since the trains are roaming through the middle of downtown, as they come in through this track, they go slowly through all the crossings. clog up all the traffic, and the howl of the warning horn can be heard even through the distance and double-paned glass.

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It is very, very heartening when the one coder on the team who has the most experience of anyone in the group echos ones dubiousness about the solidity of a project.

Heartening in the sense of 'let's not KILL EVERYONE trying to get the impossible done and seek some more plausible middle ground' rather than heartening in the sense of "Can we fix this? Yes we can!"
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Pulled from aynjel:
List 10 things (or five, if you're lazy) that make you smile. These should be generic and not involve specific people so others can bask in your glory. "Having my nostrils licked by my lover" is acceptable; "Having Vic Tayback lick my nostrils" is not, even if you're sleeping with him (which, ewwww, because he's dead and all). Feel free to mention people in context of their work/art, though, i.e. "A Bon Jovi song" or "Ralph Nader's Gonads". Let's pretend like that made sense.

1. Jet holding something up to me and saying, "I made that!"

2. A quiet moment and a deep breath of the steam from a mug of 160 degree, two-minute brewed pi lo chun. That makes my whole brain feel like it's spring. Or substitute ali shan, monkey-picked Iron Goddess of Mercy, pu-erh, a stiff British blend with milk and rock sugar, old-man style brewed green Taiwan tung tung oolong, or, okay, any great tea and I'll still smile at the first, fragrant breath and sip.

3. The sound of rain on anything and everything, all day is best... *grin*

4. A well-turned phrase.

5. Coming up for air after being twenty indirections deep in a debugger, my brain filled with instance information, and, for a moment, having that feeling of knowing my universe.

6. Jet's 'evil grin' when he's about to do something he really shouldn't do. (I know, I can't help it, I smile and he takes it as an okay...)

7. A bear hug from my husband.

8. A long conversation about three dozen different topic, all tangential to each other, with my husband in our shorthand for American English, which my sister rightly calls our own language.

9. Sitting on a roof that I just nailed two nails for every shingle on it.

10. Hearing anyone sigh with happiness as they eat the first forkful of a meal I just prepared.