December 10th, 2003


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It's hard to come back to altitude and 12 degree nights after breathing the sea again. Hard to come back to the crystal-hard sunlight and wind-swept plains after mist-shrouded forests of silver eucalyptus, sea splashed tidal pools, and spring warm days. Hard to return to a cold house and pizza after six days of eating out or eating superb Chinese/Vietnamese/local specialities. Hard to come back to three inches of snow after hearing the soft rain pattering against the roof and windows, soft for a whole night and day.

The giant fried catfish with deep fried onions, peanuts, and a sweet-salt sauce wrapped in Vietnamese spring roll skins with rice noodles, greens, herbs, and local pickles was a favorite, along with the half a dozen fat, sweet, lively Dungeness crabs steamed live just before we cracked and ate them. Jet saw the shells and sang, "Crabs all gone! Crabs all gone!"

I miss having three eager baby-sitters during the day. Jet woke up wandering and calling, "Kathy! Uncle Kathy!" After days of the zoo, beach playsets, a model train exhibit, tidal pools, the beach, the Scripps aquarium, and wandering the art museums of Balboa park.

He had a hard time sleeping last night, and kept us up, too. Too cold. I have a headache from the altitude even after just a week away. Sigh.

We'll get used to it again. Jet did like playing in the snow today. And John and I enjoyed going to Cafe Luna's, at least.
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