December 11th, 2003


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I was thumbing through the L.L. Bean catalog.

We've been deluged with catalogs this Christmas season, part of the problem I have from doing nearly all my shopping by catalog. Just so much easier on the feet than malls and all that.

But I was wandering through pictures of warm fuzzy things, lots of interesting NE food, and then I came upon the gym bags and I thought to myself. Wow. That would be really useful for all the times we go to the Rec. Center! Instead of carrying everything in two, old, canvas grocery bags, which are purple and leak purple dye on all the wet clothing, wouldn't it be nice to have a black, nylon gym bag to hold all of my and Jet's stuff for swimming?

Then I blinked and realized that I have an enormous, black, nylon gym bag. My knee brace, from my ligament replacement operation, actually CAME IN ONE. Talk about hitting a particular audience... i guess most people that blow out ACL's and have the operation intend to be physically active once again. So I trotted into the depths of our walk-in closet and found it. Coolest thing is that two towels, shower gear, locker lock, our passes, and all my workout gear, including my shoes, all fit into that one bag. Yay!! There's even a little compartment on one end that keeps all the little stuff to itself, rather than losing it all in the huge central compartment.

Wow. A Christmas present from L.L. Bean without even having to buy anything. I like that.

Okay, okay... so maybe the really amusing thing is that it really took me a year to connect up the Rec. Center trips to the gym bag that I've had for... uhm... four years?