December 15th, 2003


(no subject)

Quiet weekend, mostly spent updating my big journal, writing our yearly letter, and knitting.

Yes. All hand-provoking things, but CeLena, my massage therapist, had a go at me last week, and I've been going to her regularly every other week and she seems to be on top of things. I may go an extra session this week just to keep things on the good, but I think it's working out okay.

I've knit a baby blanket, two cotton washcloths, and am on my third hat. Jet really loves stringing the yarn through a pom-pom guide with a big needle, so I've set him the task of making the pom-poms for the hats. It's pretty fun watching him work on it so studiously.

I also found that the archival quality matte paper for our picture printer works far better than I thought it would. Most excellent prints using that paper. Wow. May send some out to folks that have asked for pictures a ridiculously long time ago. That should be good.

We also put up the Christmas tree. Jet loves hanging stuff on it. We put the outdoor lights up. Jet has now taken an interest in Christmas lights, pointing them out to us from his back seat and saying, "Ova dere! Ova dere! Somethin's movin' ova dere!" He's really liked the moving reindeer, big balloon statues that sway in the wind, and the blinking lights he perceives as ''moving".