December 24th, 2003


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When I saw Minas Tirath I thought, wow, they got it Oh So Right!! My god, even the streets are crooked, narrow, and STEEP and the circles!! All seven circles...

They got it Right. With love. The changes made for a better movie. And they made one change that I'd always, in my heart of hearts had wished for. It was always a bittersweet thing that had always felt like a gaping hole in the original story.

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After the movie John and I hit a camera store on a whim, deciding that it would be better to pay the full retail price and get my new digital camera before Christmas rather than wait until after and get it cheaper. It's been about five years since I bought my old, old Olympus, and I use it often enough that it was worth getting something I could put in my pocket.

The off-duty salesperson agreed to come off his break to sell something to us, and told us the last Canon A70 was the display model they had put up there for the last two days. It had a few finger smudges on the LCD display, but the brushed metal case had kept all other fingerprints well off it. Other than that it was raring to go, had an extra set of batteries for display, and the complete box kit under the counter. So we bought it.

That's when the other sales guy said, "Oh... I was supposed to put that on hold..."

And as we turned to go with the box another lady in the store suddenly gasped in surprise at something the other salesguy said and turned towards us, "You mean THEY bought..."

I guess we disappointed two other people with our quick decision capabilities. I'm very glad that I did my research early. And now there's a nicely wrapped package under the tree for me for tomorrow.

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It's probably a law of nature somewhere, "Don't go shopping on Christmas Eve."

Though my experience was relatively pleasant. While the line at the Borders wrapped halfway around the inside of the building, it went relatively quickly. One place in line every 30 seconds was darn good according to my book, besides I'd just picked up a new Duane book and was reading it in line. Mmmm... cat's eyeview of the world.

And they had some earnest young women wrapping presents for donations at the door, so my gift is not only bought but ready for the tree.

John and Jet are going to be angels in the Christmas Eve pageant later today. I'll actually be able to go see them, as my meeting has been cancelled that was going to be right on top of it. The office is now dead silent and I'm eating my teriyaki chicken at my desk and working cheerfully away in the quiet. Mmmm... quiet.

I guess it's times like these when I know I’m an introvert to the core. Alone but certainly not lonely.