December 29th, 2003


Happy Holidays

We had a really nice Christmas. On Christmas Eve John and Jet played angels in a living nativity, only Jet wouldn't wear the robe and he was using his halo as a lasso; but he did pay a lot of attention to the live baby and didn't upstage anyone he wasn't supposed to. Everyone told him that he made a fine angel, even without the robes.

John's mom and dad had a great time seeing Jet's Christmas and the aftermath of opening 24 gifts and playing with them. Jet made quite the haul. He was great about it, too, taking some time to play with each new thing he could play with (i.e. wasn't missing batteries or would make too much of a mess on his own), and then moving on to business-like opening of the next present. Much faster than last year, and he actually took a nap! Unlike next year, he actually rested.

Whew. That night, though, he wouldn't eat dinner with us, he wanted to just play, and since he'd had a very late lunch (after his long nap) I didn't bug him.

Since then we've had Chinese food, swam at the Rec. Center with a bunch of Jet's friends, went to the local aquarium which was much better than I thought it would be ("Big splash!!"), did the church thang, ran around in various playgrounds, and did two big meals. I did Christmas dinner like Thanksgiving but without the potatoes. And I made my Three-Gallon lasagna, which wasn't three gallons this time as we didn't do the two quart bread... just did the gallon of milk for moz, gallon of milk for ricotta, quart and a half of tomato sauce, and the rest of the volume plus a little of flour and eggs for the pasta. It was a family affair, though, as Jet cranked pasta, I made sauces, Isabel cooked the noodles, and John and George did the cheeses. I had to rescue the moz, as John couldn't get the protein strands to string together as he was cutting it up too much with a metal spoon. Plenty of heat and a gentle touch and it turned out quite nicely. BIG pan of lasagna from all that work.

Of course, Jet wouldn't eat it, though he did cheerfully raid the home-made mozarella for a few handfuls of cheese.

He ran over to the pantry, pulled out the multi-grain Cheerios box, and said, "This!!"

So John poured him a bowl and Jet's face fell and he started wailing. "What's wrong?" asked John.

"No berries! Where berries???!"

Sure enough, on the front of the box, there are beautiful, big, red raspberries in the cereal. Jet expected them to be in the box and when they weren't he was pretty upset. John rescued the situation by getting some of the frozen, Costco strawberries out and defrosting them in the microwave on defrost so they didn't lose their texture. Jet then plowed through a big bowl of the multi-grain Cheerios with strawberry slices and topped it off with four chicken nuggets. When John asked him how many, Jet held up both hands with all fingers splayed, "This many!" "Ten?" "Yeah! Ten!" Luckily, John didn't believe him and gave him just four, which Jet managed to eat before falling asleep in John's lap while watching Laputa in the Japanese (no sub-titles for Jet!).

John and I spent last night in the Boulderado in Boulder. It was beautiful and perfect timing as they were taking down the three-story tree this morning, as we checked out. It was funny walking to the Boulder Chop House in teen-degree weather with John in shorts and Birkies. One guy told him that he should have his picture taken. That made me giggle. John's mom sounded fine on the phone this morning and told us Jet had an enormous breakfast. Hoorah!! He's eating again. Whew.