January 6th, 2004


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It's been cold enough that the *insides* of the car and the house have frost on the windows. Admittedly, my little garden window in the kitchen is set out into the world, so it doesn't get any circulation from inside the house and not all of it's double-paned. But it's still startling to see ice inside the house.

I'm so glad John replaced the weak battery in the Eurovan.


We went to the Rec. Center on Monday, as is our wont, and it was stuffed, to the gills, with people trying out all the work-out equipment. Lots of people asking, "How do you work that?", lined up for the ellipticals, and it was incredible how many women had the machine still on the first screen of the setup and they were pedaling away cheerfully without any resistance whatsoever. I guess it's a little off putting to have the machine ask, first thing, "What's your weight?" laughter

One old lady was muttering to herself about how she's come here every day, at 5, for forever, and how crazy this was. She also declared that within two weeks, it'll get quiet again, as all the New Years resolutions get broken. That seemed kind of sad to me.

I'm not really sure how much of it was sub-zero temps outside or how much of it was just New Years, but it sure was amazing to have that many people around. It pushed my workout up a notch or two.

I had fun teaching people how to use various things. John and I were newcomers once, too, and it seemed appropriate to help these folks in keeping their promises to themselves.
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