January 8th, 2004


Jet Driving

Jet's driving one of his little cars around, crashing into things and yelling, "Hey! What happened?!" or "Help! Help! Help! Help!"



It's now 54 out. It feels like summer, but for all the snow all over that's drip-drip-dripping away. The roof occassionally growls and then I hear/feel the impact of a big clot of snow sliding and then falling from the roof. It still startles me every time it does it, though.

Was up until 1 working on a thing that's due tomorrow. Took a minute or two to proofread another page or two as a reward for getting another major chunk done. At the moment, I'm doing my 'lunch break' because I have to or my head will fall off.

I think I'll hit my deadline. I'm glad as I can be of that.
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