January 13th, 2004


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Yesterday, on the way into the Rec. Center, Jet and I had an... argument... no... more of a direct contradiction... right on the sidewalk on the way in.

I was basically trying to explain why it's not such a good idea to walk on the "street"/parking lot/"black thing" and that it's a good idea to walk on the sidewalk/white stuff. Jet, on his part, was telling me he *wanted* to walk on the black stuff, and there wasn't any cars right NOW, so he didn't see why my argument had any merit (well, it was more along the lines of, "NO want white!" "Want black." "No cars!" "Want walk road!", etc.)

What made it really funny was that in the midst of this ten minute discussion in the 58 degree sunshine, was that in the middle of it a lady from church came by and tried to encourage Jet to come in and SWIM! And he promptly hid behind my legs, but as soon as she had turned and kept walking, he started up the conversation again.

It didn't help that every single adult we saw was ambling along in the middle of the lanes of the parking lot/road.

Of course, when we did finally get moving along, again, on the sidewalk, Jet decided he wanted to walk on the frozen surface of the pond that's right there. I argued, vehemently, against that, using "It's really, really cold, especially if you break through." as a point, which Jet immediately took and said, "No, it's warm, Mama. It's WARM." with about as much vocal heat as I was using to emphasize the cold. I hit my forehead. Jet laughed and kept ambling towards the Rec. Center, on the sidewalk, well away from the pond, as he kept telling me he wanted to walk on the water...
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Sadly, the Rec. Center HAS lost the crowd that was there last week. I didn't have to wait more than a single lap for an elliptical and by the time I was done with it, three machines were wide open.

That was mildly sad.