January 30th, 2004


Jet's Birthday Party


I didn't know there was that much energy in the world, still. Thought entropy would have had it bagged by now... but, man, get seven kids into a room with cake, ice cream, and tons of toys and a couple of games... Yeesh...

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While John was prepping stuff for the birthday, Jet saw the presents and said, "It's Christmas!" John laughed and explained to him about his birthday again. That he was going to be three, and that this was to celebrate that.

Jet listened carefully, and then said, "I will be three--in two minutes."

Which made John blink. Two minutes is our usual amount of warning time before we have to move on to something else, but given that it's still three more days until his actual birthday, it's close to that number of days...maybe it's just his way of saying that it's not now, but it's going to be in the future.

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