February 4th, 2004


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Yesterday, when my parents picked Jet up from pre-school, they did as we suggested, which was to give him an open bag of fruit snacks. He took them, ate one, and when they were seat-belted into the front seats, he flung an arm out and said, "You drive now!"


Even Jet is giving my parents instructions on how things go. They were amused.


Looking At Houses

I think that the best thing about looking at houses is that it's mostly about, "What do I really want?" Even if the price is limited, the limiting of the price is an indication that there are other things in life that are more important than wainscoting or an impressive entry hall. *grin* Still, it's all about what one really values.

So it's really a big morale boost for John and I to go out looking at houses, and, with Colleen, it's a blast, as she has a very solid sense of taste and a pretty good assessment of the uniqueness of our personalities. She's great about listening when we're communicating what we want and how we feel about a particular house, even when we can't verbalize what it is we're feeling. I really admire that.

We went out in the wet, falling snow, for a good three hours, and just visited house after house after house. Most of which we'd screened earlier simply through their listings. That was really nice to be able to do. Just bring up, basically, the MLS of the houses and go for it. We need certain things. An office, a kid's bedroom on the same floor as the master. Preferably a guest bedroom with some privacy and its own bathroom. Access to other kids, a playground, and maybe nice shopping. It would be cool to have it near the office, and stuff like that.

But it really makes us think about our life and what's really important to us that's in it. I guess the correllary is also what can we let go of? John hasn't worked on a Land Rover for over three years, and like me letting go of a huge portion of my fiber arts, he's getting ready to let go of his old Rover habit. We'll keep the Stoat for the occasional joy ride, but it's not the most high-maintenance of our beasts. Plus, it goes very happily on the Boulder bio-diesel so I have no qualms about burning Yet More Fossil fuels with it.

Cool to make room for stuff we have more fun doing.