February 25th, 2004


Back Home and Catching Up

The vacation was fantastic. We got to live 'on the ocean' as Jet put it, and walked into Melaque for everything, with bus and taxi rides up and down the coast to explore the neighboring beaches and towns. We were out far enough where most folks only spoke Spanish, things were primitive enough that we could really enjoy things, and there were few enough lights that we could see the stars at night.

Colleen worked really hard while we were gone, and we now have the house we really liked under contract. For real! So we have a great chance at the house we really loved. And we may well be able to move the worst of our clutter out of the house before we seriously put it on the market. That should be good.

I'll actually post the whole vacation account on Flick when I get it all filled in and organized. I took notes the whole time I was there, but actually read enough fiction while vacationing that I didn't get all of the journaling done while there.

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