March 1st, 2004


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Oh! Yeah, I sent out some of the tea yesterday. With plastic liners in a normal, business-sized envelope with normal postage. I'm hoping it reaches people okay! I had plenty of the tea, and it may arrive more smashed up than whole, but it should still taste okay...

Back in the Groove

It's weird being so thoroughly back. I worked today, took Jet on an adventure after I got him from Joan's, and then we had a quiet night at home instead of at the Rec. Center. John had a long meeting, and Jet napped much later than normal. Both contributed to making things late enough we couldn't do both a workout and swimming.

The day at work was just mildly depressing. I waded through hundreds of email messages, and then worked on my self-evaluation for focals. It's that time of the year. Luckily, I'd done the bulk of it in December when we did a 'mid-year' evaluation that was actually more like three-quarters of the year. That evaluation had been entirely positive, we'll have to see how the last quarter turns out.

I left at 12:30 to get Jet. He insisted on walking out to the van. On the threshold, he started saying, "I can't climb! I stuck in the mud!" And he mimed being stuck in the mud at the bottom of the door to the van, mostly by lying on and wiggling against the bottom step.

I said, "I'll tow you!" And I pulled out the strap for my badge and 'hooked' it onto Jet's hands, and pulled him bodily into the van.

"Yay! I free!" says Jet and dances about.

Hee. That certainly helped with the depression. Mmm... even a taste of gaming is nice.

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