March 2nd, 2004


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In case anyone who has me on their friends' list has been wondering where my entries have been going, I've been backdating a lot of stuff. So it probably won't show up on your more recent friends lists. Sorry about that, I hadn't realized that until I peered at a couple of friends' friends lists. *grin* You might actually have to just go directly to my journal to see the backdated stuff... maybe it'll be more like 'doing' the old, big journal whenever you have the time.

Buying Too Much

I overdid it yesterday. Typed way too much, now that I have my laptop back. The motherboard's replaced, and it was just way too tempting to just do all the things I haven't been doing for the last two weeks...

Including buying the gorgeous brandied cherries from Bernard C.

And buying a case of Blenheim Bottlers Ginger Ales from Beverages Direct.

And buying four pounds of organic, double-cleaned buckwheat hulls.

And buying a few pounds of fresh, Oxacan drinking chocolate from Majordomo... through Gourmet Sleuth.

And proofing way too many pages on Distributed Proofreaders. Way too many. I was still doing them at midnight. Bleh.

I am also hovering over getting more rooibos and peering at all the papermaking tool sites to see what there might be to buy for making 8-1/2 by 11 pages of paper. There's lots of good-looking stuff out there, but I hesitate to buy, yet. Spring's here, and with it should be some good garage sales with blenders for cheap. I may get something after I fill in that mild gap.