March 6th, 2004


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Yesterday was mostly spent getting the last negotiations done for what the owner has to do to the house in order for us to buy it.

They are going to put money for mitigating the radon levels in escrow so that if the long-term (90 day) test is still above the EPA standards, they'll be paying for the mitigation system. Hoorah! We'll have to pay for the new paint, but so that is. We still have the house, and they did throw extra money in for other things, so we're not too badly off, all in all.

We spent a lot of the day going to the bank and either getting or sending faxes. Decided, in the morning, to make apple oat bran muffins instead of getting huge cheese and sausage croissants as I wanted to save the exuberance for after everything was settled and we'll have time tomorrow. But, yay! Another major milestone done!!

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