March 11th, 2004


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A poem that just really hit me as I was proofing "The History of the American Negro in the Great World War". Mostly wanted to keep it for myself, in my journal, but it doesn't hurt to share, either.


We are the Army Stevedores, lusty and virile and strong.
We are given the hardest work of the war, and the hours are long.
We handle the heavy boxes and shovel the dirty coal;
While soldiers and sailors work in the light, we burrow below like a mole.
But somebody has to do this work or the soldiers could not fight!
And whatever work is given a man is good if he does it right.
We are the Army Stevedores, and we are volunteers.
We did not wait for the draft to come, and put aside our fears.
We flung them away to the winds of fate at the very first call of our land.
And each of us offered a willing heart, and the strength of a brawny hand.
We are the Army Stevedores, and work we must and may,
The cross of honor will never be ours to proudly wear and sway.
But the men at the front could not be there, and the battles could not be won.
If the stevedores stopped in their dull routine and left their work undone.
Somebody has to do this work; be glad that it isn't you.
We are the Army Stevedores--give us our due.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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I made fudge today! And I almost got it right. So almost it was almost painful. I did the stirring right, but while I was spooning it into the pan, I decided I should really be using my silicon spatula, I went to get it and when I came back, the stuff I had scooped was solidified and the stuff I hadn't scooped was darn near solidified!!

So NO pauses between stirring, mixing in the vanilla and nuts, and getting it into the pan, not even for a better implement of destruction!!

The stuff I DID manage to get into the pan is... fantastic. Wow. I never thought I'd ever be able to make my own fudge!! So it worked. The toasted pecans are a real treat, too. The sandy/pebbly stuff I managed to chip out of the pot is pretty good, too, but it's not fudge. Still, we'll all eat it.
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House for Sale

The house is now incredibly neat and clean. So much so that it's a little scary to chaos-minded me.

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And then I got a letter from my boss-to-be saying that he had approval of my req in HAND. This means that, no matter what, I'm going to be moving jobs at the end of the month. No more doubts, no more hesitations, and NO MORE WAITING.

It is GOING to be.

Whew. I danced around like a loon. Good news along with all the bad that I've been reporting so far.

Between that and having already set the moving date, my life is starting to land. Settling quite solidly. Less uncertainty, and I'm doing better for it.

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