April 15th, 2004


What do Toddler's dream of?

The other night, when Jet came, crying, into the bedroom, and I picked him up and carried him back to his futon, he muttered, "Flying. Flying plate crash fast." And he burrowed into me when I laid him down, smiled and went back to sleep only to mutter, "Dough train yellow."

Makes my brain hurt wondering what those words were actually describing.

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Just went through a two-day off-site with my new group and it was... astonishingly GOOD...

The uber-boss was there to present a few things, and then start discussions. What was so cool was that everyone participated, tried to really think and communicate what they were thinking rather than just do the 'concensus' thing, and all the discussions and technical conflicts were astonishingly and thoroughly non-personal. Direction was gained from everyone, and it was really cool to have everyone figure out what it was that would really work and really make decision making and our jobs more interesting and do better stuff.

And it came from us. My new boss is astonishingly good at keeping his opinion to himself and asking the questions to get people to really air everything they felt and thought about certain subjects, bad and good. And he made it so that we were the ones to make the decisions about the things we knew best about. That was so amazing. And the whole exercise was to make it so that everyone would take two steps back from their everyday chaos and THINK about the big picture. Think about the over-all strategy for what we all wanted to do and how every group could reinforce and make more effective all the other groups. It was a great way for me to get my bearings as the goal was for all his groups to get their bearings and figure out where they needed to go, grow, and be excellent. Hee.

Now I'm all motivated to go out and DO things... this is an astonishing start.
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