April 17th, 2004


Last Load from the Old House

We got the very last of our stuff from the old house, today. Quite the landmark, all in all.

The day started far too early for me, as I had a rough time sleeping during the night. Some of it was just remembering how bad it had been in the old work situation. Some of that is simply from the comparison of working in the new environment. I now have a boss that not only believes in me, but is utterly excited about working with me. I have a situation where everyone is really grateful for anything I can do. I'm also in a situation the really leverages my last two years' worth of work in a big way and my entire professional life in a more general way. This is all to the good.

But the funny thing is that, all night, my head was filling with the thousand and three things I now want to do. The things that I now have the basis by which I can work, and it's all good. It's all stuff I can do and all stuff that needs doing in all kinds of ways. There's part of me that really loves that, but when my head is too full to sleep in the middle of the night after a really tiring week, it's really hard in other ways.

I needed sleep. So I was very, very grateful when John let me sleep until the last minute. I went down, had waffles, and then we headed out to DIA with George and Isabel. Jet managed to just barely stay awake until we got there. when we did get there, he cheerfully offered to pull Grannie's extra bag, and did very, very well with it most of the way across the parking lot. When he did give it over to John, Jet immediately leaped on the bag and held onto the top with both hands, held up his feet so that they didn't drag, and got a ride on the rolling bag. There was much pointing and admiration of his technique. *grin*

We saw them through check-in and into security. Jet gave them both a big hug and kiss as they left. That was very neat. Better yet was the fact that everyone expressed thankfulness and much joy with the whole visit. I still can't believe it was an entire three weeks that they were here. I'm glad that they came, though, as I don't think we could have gotten through the whole thing without them.

From there we drove home. Jet was asleep before we even left the airport grounds. He did, however, wake up, nearly and hour later, when we got home. I slipped off to my massage with Bonnie. It was extraordinarily good. She's like Michele in that she's explaining things and understands enough about human anatomy to tell me exactly what she'd working on, how it's connected, and what I can do about it if I wish to. I missed that about Michele a great deal when I was going to CeLena. But, unlike Michele, Bonnie's entirely wiling to work on some very, very painful and tender areas. She's good at exploring and working at stuff that isn't that comfortable, but more for the long-term good of my whole body. That was really great. It was also fun to talk with her about her good news that had her moving my appointment.

When I arrived home from the massage, the boys were ready to go back to the old house for One Last Load. We stopped by the Goodell's on the way there, and Jet decided he'd rather play with Haley than pack some more. Smart boy. So John and I packed up the very last stuff from the tool shed, the garage, and from cleaning up the house. That was a lot of dusty, dirty stuff, and most of the worst of that went into the trailer and the Stoat. Yes. We were bringing the ugly little guy home. Yay!! John and I packed it with stuff, added bungies for good luck, and John went on his way. I took the van over to Joan's, got Jet, and dodged the step ladder while putting Jet into his seat. He kicked boxes the whole way home, peeling random tape off things as he happened to reach them, and talked to me about crocodiles and a man who had crashed, found some friends, got bit by a crocodile, climbed a mountain, crashed again, got fixed by his friends, and went out to dinner in the water. Wow. Then he asked where his Daddy was, and asked periodically to see if I would change my locations appropriately.

Once home, we started unpacking everything. The pool was being emptied into the park. I guess that's a good way to water the grass. Jet and I went over there to peer at it all and let John concentrate on doing what he wanted to do with the garage stuff. Jet and I splashed through the output of the pool, headed further down the filtering and drainage system, and then walked barefoot through the flow. It was *cold*, but really refreshing in that way. Jet walked down the stream a good block, slogged his way back up to the pipe from the upper level, and indicated that he wanted to go into the 'cave'. No.

I can now say no. Wow.

It was just a very plain no, with a few why answers beside it, but very unequivically No.


Jet listened. He got back into the wagon and we trundled our way back. When we got back, there were two kids out playing. Two Chinese kids, just three doors down. Peter and his older sister. Their father was out there as well, and we spoke to him and introduced ourselves. With so many neighbors in close proximity it seems a good thing to get to know folks and talk with them. I was pleased.

While John unpacked and moved more things, I started a package of Stoffer's stuffed peppers in the oven. The oven smoked a bit more; but I think it's mostly clean now. Maybe I should run it again...

Anyway, they were just fine unattended for a good, long time, so I helped John move things into the backyard, put some things away in the garage, and mostly stragize about some things. The pantry is really full and we figured out ways to move certain types of things to other, higher cupboards and have them all be related things. I think that some of my spice cabinet ended up in the pantry along with a great deal of our baking supplies and things we'd had scattered over other parts of the kitchen. Since the pantry is two or three layers deep all over, I think it would do it and us good to spread some of that around as we figure it all out. Even the grains could probably be moved en mass, though having the cereal where Jet can reach it is a real plus. I am now mildly vindicated in that I thought that this kitchen is only a little bigger than our old one, though there's a lot more space far above all our appliances, we used to store only a few things higher than the top of our fridge. Now a very great deal of our cupboard space is at least that high.

Definitely a kitchen for tall people.

I should probably move the fish poacher, the meat slicer, and some of the things we use very infrequently to those High Places.

When the alarm went off for the peppers I was well ready for a rest. Jet asked for a hot dog and toast, and he got them both. He ate the whole hot dog with both hands, stuffing it in as fast as he could once he got going on it. He started by poking a lot of holes in the dog with the stick he'd asked to be put into it. John persuaded him that he had enough holes and it was time to eat it. And Jet ate it all before John and I even sat down for grace. Jet did, however, quite gratefully wipe his hand and hold hands to say grace. He then nibbled his bread while we ate our dinners, and we talked cheerfully enough about what the day had been like. We're all really, really glad that we finally got the old house crossed off our list. The buyers have even indicated that they're willing to move the closing date up for a bit.

I am even, now, able to start planning for other things. Things like Jet's new day care, new pre-school, dentist, and medical care for John and I. We really need to sign Jet up for classes and care, and figure out what he wants to do and what we want to do.

I was pretty sore after dinner, but when John asked if I wanted to go grocery shopping, I said yes. I wanted to just... honestly, buy a few things. It's been a while since we've gotten much other than Exactly what we needed at the moment, and it felt a little like a bit of luxury to be able to buy anything we wanted.

So we did. We went to the Safeway (which, I think, has better quality for a lot of things) and we shopped. Jet was being a little tired and, therefore, a mite contrary with some things, but he ended up doing pretty well. When we got home, John and I sat down to bowls of ice cream, and Jet decided he wanted peach yogurt instead. He inhaled three-quarters of a cup of yogurt, and got into his pajamas and brushed his teeth, no problem. John went to bed while I finished putting Jet to bed, and then I lay on my bed and ached. I think I may have slept a little, but when Jet got up at 12:30, I put him back to sleep and then got some Motrin and plenty of water.

I think that the massage made me sore all over. Bonnie discovered a really, really tight and tender muscle bunch in both my thighs. They're on the outside, and they're so tight and tender, especially on the right knee, that when she even touched it it made me wince. But we worked on it for a while, and it's definitely better. The Motrin really helped with the ache and I was finally able to sleep. Whew.
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