May 19th, 2004


Story Day

This morning, Jet asked for "mashmallow cereal" and got a bowl full of Lucky Charms and some milk. Five minutes later I hear, "Moooom... moooooom!"

"Yes, Jet?"

"This icky. I don' want any of them..." Jet lifted the sodden marshmallow out of his bowl.

I gave him a bowl to put them in and he meticulously put every single horribly melted, colored bit of sugar into the other bowl, leaving the milk a sickly green.

"Mom. Want more cereal. No mashmallows." A beat. "Please."

So I spent a good minute picking marshmallows out of three or four handfuls of cereal, and left them all in a pile by his bowl. He ignored them completely and ate the oat-based cereal. Lots of it. Then he went on to ask me to squeeze an orange for him, and he drank the whole glass of juice. Weird kid. I have a picture of Jet eating cereal behind a pile of rainbow colored marshmallows...

Tonight, on the way home from the airport, after getting John, we asked Jet about his trip this morning, to the Butterfly Pavilion. They hatch butterflies there year-round and have a great collection of very large insects. Jet started telling us about the dancing butterflies, the jungle, the flowers, the bridge, the waterfalls, and the turtles swimming in the waters... and the sharks that were swimming with them, and how the turtle was like a dinosaur and suddenly it was a dinosaur eating the plants and butterflies and then there was a man that came and started hitting things and then hitting the bugs and then hitting Jet and Momma and Daddy!! And then he cheerfully talked about how the turtle ate the man and the monsters and dragged them into the water and saved us all.

It actually took about half an hour for him to get through the whole thing... with a few white dirt digging bees in there, tunnels, and other things that I couldn't quite track into the plot of the story, but wow.

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