May 20th, 2004


Back in the Saddle Again...

It's funny how things come together all at once.

John's back. He took care of Jet this morning, while I had to do a presentation to my boss' staff. The presentation went great! And since I was bringing data for other people to decide on and I didn't have to decide things myself, it was nice to just get some data gathering going... Then I talked and talked and talked with various people on defining my role, and I came out with a much better understanding of what other people were expecting from me, which was great.

I had to get Jet at 3, so I asked one person to move their meeting to 4 and he's a new father so he was okay with me bringing Jet and a Big Box of toys to the meeting, and Jet, being Jet, cheerfully occupied himself while we talked. John arrived soon after, and took Jet to the Rec. Center, while I finished my meeting.

My gut still isn't good enough for me to work out, but I did want to swim with the boys. But when I'd gotten everything put away, got there, changed, showered, and headed for the pool... I saw the boys heading towards the showers!! Jet was hungry, it seemed. So we went home.

Jet ate rice. We had pasta, sauce, and bread. Simple.

Because Jet used the potty to good effect at the Rec. Center, we headed to The Choo-Choo store after dinner, and Jet was more careful about his choice this time, and ended up with a "'Decker bus!" It's a double-decker bus that's actually a 'bad guy' in the show, but since Jet doesn't watch Thomas the Train, he didn't care. He just loved that it was a double-decker bus he could drive around, and he drove it all around the Cold Stone creamery while we had some ice cream.

Yum... ice cream.

By the time we got home it was Jet's bed time, and he drove his 'decker bus everywhere and ended up falling asleep with it clutched in one fist. Happy boy.
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