May 25th, 2004


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Hmmm... I guess I now know what to do with the braids of hair I got cut off when I was in my 20's and three years ago. It's only the purple streak they might have to get rid of as 'chemically damaged'... but the rest of that one is good...

New Toy

I am going slowly mad as I wait for my new toy.

I am spending a ton more time at work, and the normal, USB QWERTY keyboard is making all my old pronation problems come back. Tendons ache, muscles spasm, and all that good stuff. Also, with the increase in mouse work I'm having to do with more graphical requirements, I'm suffering more from mouse work than I used to. Hopefully, this'll help take care of both those problems. The pronation problem and the 'reaching for the mouse' problem should be addressed, at least. I'll be typing like a spastic idiot for a little while, but for a solution to the other two problems I don't care. Besides it'll give me another security device against IT meddling with my machine.

I'll admit my old keyboard, with its thumb delete/backspace/return/space bars was a pretty good security device as well as a great typing system that got rid of having to squish my wrists in for typing. But it's no help for the mouse problems I'm having and the system they do have to deal with it is $600. Too much for me...

Plus there's some allure to being able to gesture common tasks.