June 5th, 2004


Shrek 2

It was a very, very hot but fun Saturday.

We started with a great breakfast. Bacon, eggs, and hash browns were all available. Jet ate two slices of bacon and then polished off nearly two slices of toast with butter and jam. He's definitely and suddenly eating significantly more. Then John proposed that we bike to the grocery store and the farmers' market!! I thought it would be too long a walk, and proposed that we just go around the block to see how it went. Jet got into his trailer, we got on our bikes and we were off. It was so easy and quick and smooth that when we got back to the house, I said,"OK, I guess we can go to the grocery store. This is easier than I thought."

So John got the bags, the coupons, the checkbook, and the list, and tucked them all into Jet's trailer and away we went! It was fast! It was astonishingly easy, and we were at the grocery store in less than ten minutes. Wow.

We loaded up on stuff, and stuffed it all into Jet's trailer. The back portion of it is really big, so we didn't actually displace Jet all that much. He rode with some cartons of milk and bread, and peered in all directions as we rode. He really likes his trailer and likes it best with the mesh down but the plastic up so that he can hear and really see everything that goes by. On the way there, I could hear his voice telling John stuff, but not the distinct words. We got home, no problem, and even the frozen stuff was still hard and cold by the time we were home.

We hadn't gotten eggs because, last week, the farmer's market had provided such beautiful eggs. So we went back to it to get more. Sadly, they were out for the day, already! The information lady said that if we wanted eggs we had to arrive early. I'll remember that for next week. But we did get some green chile goat cheese and a great loaf of rosemary bread. John and I really enjoyed both for our lunches. Jet fell asleep on the way home, and he napped while we ate, I watered my plants, and did other stuff.

When Jet woke up he polished off a big lunch and then we headed over to the movie theater. John and Jet got a HUGE bucket of popcorn, and I swear Jet ate half of it. He loved the movie, sat patiently through all the ads, slides, and previews, and then watched, enraptured by the whole movie experience. I love having a three-year-old with a big attention span. It's very nice for movies we all like. He enjoyed it tremendously, and stayed with us through the titles to the mid-title extra. After that, though, he got impatient with us wondering if there was another one and headed for the door before we'd even gotten up.

In the mall, we stopped at a knife store, as I wondered what the retail price on the Wustoff santoku, and got a solid answer. Jet found gumball machines, and he got his very first gumball. He got a good, long lecture about not swallowing it, and he followed the lecture and chewed on that one piece of gum for the entire afternoon, dinner, and the early evening. Yuck. But he loved it.

With all the popcorn at the theater, no one was hungry when we got home at nearly six. So I started a beer can chicken. Rubbed it with a dry rub, filled the can with beer, onions, and garlic, and soaked wood chips while I was prepping the chicken. The soaked chips went on with the chicken, and John replenished them whenever he checked on the chicken, itself. So the backyard was filled with the sweet sent of hickory smoke.

While the chicken was cooking, I worked on planting all my tomato plants in the new vegetable garden. It's a MUCH larger plot than I had last year, and there's so much room it's wonderful! I should probably move most of my garlic chives out there, and keep some by the house for when I just want a few stalks for stir-fries or an egg. But the tomatoes fit, no problem, and I watered them until they floated. Happy plants. They got planted, watered, mulched, and then caged. So they all have full support against the winds here. That should be good.

Jet helped me with the watering and digging parts. By the time we were done we were all really hungry. John and I got chicken, vegetables, and the last of some frozen macaroni and cheese that I'd made a while back. Jet asked for a bowl of cereal, so I gave him nearly a whole bowl, with milk. He ate and drank the whole thing, then ate nearly half a round of watermelon, and then dove into a bowl of ice cream as well. Big eater. The chicken was gorgeous, tender, juicy, and pink with smoke. It was so good. I'm glad I can do that, now.

I spent most of the evening journaling and planning out the week. It's good to have a place to actually write down all my ideas for each step towards a much bigger goal. Yay!!
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