June 6th, 2004


In My Rose Garden...

I spent a lot of time in the church rose garden today and amused myself immensely doing it.

When Jet had his last church school for a while, we were there at 9. John took Jet duty while I went out into the rose garden and started the immense weeding and pruning job. There was a lot of dead flowers, some knee-high weeds, and the whole thing seemed bone-dry. So I weeded, snipped, and pruned away all the dead flowers so that the plant wouldn't put energy in rose-hips and would put it all into flowers. When I got tired of that, I'd use my weeder and weed. I filled one of Jet's gallon buckets six times and walked all the way around the church to dump them all in the dumpster.

I was thinking, when I signed up, that it would be a weekly job, so someone would have been doing it and I'd only have a week's worth of weeds and dead flowers to take care of, but it seems that it had been a while. With all the water the garden was getting, I think that everything was doing better than, perhaps, it would otherwise have been.

Sadly, one of the big, yellow rose bushes was just covered in aphids. Bleh. I was really sad about that, and unsure of what to do, especially since the aphids were spreading to the other bushes as well, and every bush that was in the shade of that huge one was starting to drip with sap and be studded with the little bugs. By the time I was done with that one, I was covered in the little green, herding bugs. Bleh.

I wasn't nearly done when Jet's Sunday school let out, so I just started the watering system, debugged one unplugged stream, and then went into church. Jet sat with us during the early part of the service, and when the kids' message started, he pulled me up to sit with him. So I did. He sat on me for the message, and then ran for the play room and was quite happy to be there for a while.

So that was good.

After church was a big celebration. We'd raised most of the money we needed for renovations to the building, so the committee had a little party for everyone. While Jet was playing with the other kids, I snuck back into the garden. *grin* Yes. I'm an introvert. I'm happier tending roses than talking to people, no matter how nice they are. Jet ate a plateful of melon, a few slices of cake, and some cheese and crackers. So when he got into the car he was half-asleep before we ever left the driveway.

Home again, home again. And it was HOT.

So John and I had some lunch, then did some stuff, and when Jet woke up we went with Tanner, Macy, and Tanya to the neighborhood pool, for the first time. I slathered everyone in sunscreen, and we headed on over in their wagon. Half a block and we're at the pool, which has a big, adult sized pool (4-7 feet) and a kids' wading pool. With the shade, the kids pool was MUCH colder than the big pool, so we spent most of our time in the big pool. Jet got to remember all his swimming, noodle riding, and parent riding techniques in the bigger pool, and he remembered more of how to swim without being able to touch the bottom of the pool. The best part, though, was being there with other kids, and he had a blast chasing the other kids and doing stuff. Yay!!

We spent a good hour there, and walked back with the other kids. They played, for a while, in our back yard, and then Jet wanted a shower, which we gave him. We all took showers as well. I made a quick pan of pad thai for John and I and cooked Jet's ramen while that was cooking, so that it could cool for a while before I served everything. He sat down and ate the WHOLE BOWL of noodles and soup. I was amazed. Hungry from the swimming and everything, I bet.

That was very satisfying. It was 98 out today. The swimming really cooled all of us off quite nicely for long enough for the weather to cool enough to open up the house. So no need for air conditioning for us! Yay!
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