June 19th, 2004


Knife Day

It all started very nicely. Jet slept in until 9, this after going to sleep at about 9:45 last night, so he got in a good twelve hours. He'd gotten up at 5:30 again, and I just couldn't deal. I went to his room with him, told him it was way too early to be getting up and lay down on his bed. He protested that he wanted to go downstairs, but I pulled him back into his bed and just lay there like a lump.

Jet tossed and turned and muttered at me for a bit, and then his breathing went even. He started, woke up, jabbed me with his elbow, grumbled at me when I didn't move, and then went back to sleep. After a couple of those, he finally settled in for a real sleep. We both slept for a little while until my neck hurt too much for me to sleep more. So I got up, moved to my own bed. John was already up! He was doing dishes, cleaning the house and stuff, and he waved me back to bed. I slept until 9:30. I needed it, too, I guess. When I finally went downstairs, the boys were both up and planning the attack on tomorrow's Church snack time.

No one had signed up for tomorrow, so John did later in the week. We wanted to do something other than cookies, carrots, celery, and the usual fruit suspects of apples, grapes, and watermelon. So, after a breakfast of whole wheat waffles, we went to the farmer's market and bought great, whole-grain bread, goat cheeses, tomatoes, fresh garlic, and some basil. We then hit the cheese shop and got more mundane cheeses, crackers, and some chocolate for mint chocolate brownies. The grocery store was last, and we got come cantaloupe for something sweet.

We took a while. Since we hadn't left the house until 11, we didn't get home until 2. I made myself a plate of pasta with a fresh tomato, garlic, olive oil, and shreds of basil and parmasan. John had a snack-lunch since it was so late, but when I was cooking my 'little' lunch he came in saying that I was making the whole neighborhood smell of garlic. *grin* So he got a bit of my lunch, too. The santoku made quick, clean work of the basil and the ripe tomato. Made it a joy to cook again.

Jet ate crackers an cheese and some apple for lunch and then Tanner came over to play. Yes. Jet didn't take a nap at all today. He'd gotten up so late, and he was in such good shape he didn't just fall asleep the moment we got into a car. So he and Tanner had a great afternoon. They played trucks and trains, they played outside for a while, while it was dry and sunny for the first time this week, and then they played indoors with several puzzles and the dominoes. They spent a little time in the basement with the big, electric train ride; but came up saying that the basement was too scary without adults down there.

The rain socked in again by that time. It's been raining all week,and it's been wonderful. The garden, grass, flowers, and all our plants are very, very happy. I'm very glad of all that.

John made the chocolate mint brownies while I cut cantaloupe and then made dinner. I chopped onions, chicken, and cheese and made enchiladas. Yum. Tanner and Jet came by to comment. They'd kibitzed John's making of the brownies, helping with mixing and adding ingredients. They kibitzed my enchiladas as well. Tanner told me that he liked tortillas, but without sauce or onions, just chicken and cheese. Maci arrived while I was in the midst of it all and cheerfully stole cheese and ate it while I worked away. Hee. The kids and John and Tonya peered at Jet's projector book, it's a Disney thing with ten 'reels' of projectable pictures that go with various stories of theirs. Then they all had to go home and have their dinner.

Jet's been awful tired the rest of the evening. I think he still needed a nap sometime during the day, as he's pretty clingy, now. He did watch all of the Rugrats' movie with us and enjoyed it a lot. He wouldn't eat anything, but when he's really tired, that's not that unusual. He's finally tempted by some popcorn, so we'll feed him that, and I expect that he'll go to sleep early, along with John and I. I still need to catch up, some, but at least Jet got extra sleep this morning. One thing with Jet not napping is that we may have saner bedtimes and getting up times... we'll have to see.
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