June 21st, 2004


MY Pikachu!

It was raining when we dropped Jet off at Brenda's this morning. I didn't have any really early meetings, so I decided to ride with the boys. Jet really wanted to go to 'school', but when we got to Brenda's he was disappointed... I think that he thinks that Seven Oaks is 'the big school' and that these are other things that aren't as shiny bright or with so MANY kids. The funny thing is that I really wanted him to stay with a smaller class so he'd get more attention; but I think he sees it all as just a way to see more kids. I'm not sure.

It may also just have been Monday blahs. I don't know, but he was a little clingy until he actually got into the house and Brenda and Tess started playing with him. He waved bye to us when we left, but his attention was already in the chest of choo-choos they'd pulled out.

Work was okay. John and I shared a bucket of leftover pizza for lunch and watched a tableful of Oh Shit players. We've started watching poker on TV, and it's fascinating when it's Not My Money. *grin* The work game was far less cut-throat, and kind of fun to watch. I think I've played the game a few times; but with all the trump-based hand-capture games my bridge background is very handy.

I went to get Jet at 3:30 and it was still raining. The geese in Brenda's yard were molting. There were feathers everywhere, and some of them were the long, strong wing feathers. I peered at them, but I have a drawer full of feathers that I've bought, and the feathers from the geese Sharon used to have, too. So I left them to compost, and went inside to find Jet with two other girls playing with Play-Doh. I asked him if he wanted to go swimming.

Jet said, "Mom. I'm playing Play-Doh."

I guess that did explain everything, so I sat down with them, on the bench, and played Play-Doh for a good twenty minutes while I was told about a pickle and cracker lunch, a pancake snack, and fun with blocks, numbers, letters, and pedalling equipment out in the barn. He'd had an hour long nap, and was pretty happy, all in all. It was good to see him content and in no hurry to go after the clingyness of the morning.

We left. We went to the Rec. Center and Jet played toys while John and I walked and talked about the day. Then we all headed into swimming, and Jet was really active and happy for half and hour and then he wanted to go to dinner. We went to Souper Salad as we haven't been there for a while, the waitress commented on that, even. So Jet made up for it by eating SIX slices of cantaloupe, a big handful of noodles, some croutons, two slices of orange, two crackers, a dozen goldfish crackers, five slices of pepperoni, a pickle slice, and he asked for a big bowl of ice cream. He only ate a little of the ice cream, mashing the rest of it into a puddle and dipping pound cake squares into it and eating them instead. Wow.

Once he was full, he was happy as a clam. We went home, he played and sang and really wanted to watch the piggy movie. It's Farkleberry Farm, a Thomas-like animation movie that's pretty sweet and simple. We borrowed it from the library. I love having FREE video 'rentals', and Jet's really into this one and the Blues Clues Safari we borrowed. It's nice having no commercials, and it's continuous enough that it isn't fraught with the attention span problems of regular TV. And he really likes sitting down and seeing them all the way through.

When we were done with that, I asked John if he wanted to play the Gromet game at all, and he did, so we did. He's really far into the game and it's really hard at this point, but we're within touching distance of Archie, the polar bear we're trying to save. Jet is finally getting the idea that because the video character falls off a cliff or something it's not a terrible thing... and that sometimes it's even a little funny. Whew. So he was watching and commenting as John played, "That's not good..." "You go up?" "I don't want him to die." etc...

Jet was making some really thoughtful comments to some things, and he knows he can't do any better than Dad, so he is really amazingly free of criticism, just comments on what is, not what 'should be', and it's amazingly cool to have him thinking about what's going on and how to solve certain puzzles. He's really smart, getting the cause and hard-line effect of 'be there, hit that, and Archie's safe' or 'miss and Archie dies.'

Poor Archie.

While we were doing that, I opened my envelope from the EBay folks that sold me a new pikachu. It is brand new, in the case and everything, and it's amazing. Jet wanted it, immediately, ceded the old one to me. He said, "The old one is broken for me..." Hee. I'm very tempted to just give him the new one to keep and play with, just so he has one and he can do what he likes with it while I keep my old, two million + step one. I should count the miles just so I know how far I am with all the Middle Earth mileposts. Hmmm...

Anyway, Jet was so sure that it was for him that he cheered when I finally opened the plastic packaging, but the odd thing was that when I tried to hand it to him he gave it back to me saying, "No! Not that!" I'm still not sure why... but he went to sleep soon after, so it may well just have been just tiredness talking.

So it's been a nice, quiet evening, and, for the first time in a week the sky is completely clear. The weather says more warm, sunny weather with afternoon thundershowers for the afternoons, but that'll be a break from this all-day grey which I've enjoyed; but it'll be nice to have summer again now that the solstice is here.

I think that Jet's book "Tell Me Something Happy Before I Go to Sleep" has really helped my sleep. Instead of worrying about things, I've tried to just think about something really good or really happy before going to sleep. It's helped tremendously in focusing myself on something restful like the Mexican beach, cuddling with Jet in the rocking chair while he drinks his chocolate milk, or just sitting by Pine Lake hearing the lake lap the shore while Fezzik swam out into the cool, green water... all things that really have helped me relax a bit more. Yay!
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