July 1st, 2004


Fireworks in the Backyard

There were fireworks in our backyard tonight. John was taking Jet to get changed into his pajamas right at 9:40 and right as they got to Jet's room there were explosions out in back.

They looked out the open window and there was a display, quite some distance away, but still so close we could see the whole display lighting up the whole of Jet's window. Jet stood on the sill, leaning back against John and we watched the whole half hour display. It was really impressive. There seem to be a new kind of firework where the shell explodes and the individual charges light up and then suddenly accelerate in all different directions away from their initial trajectory, so they all s look like they're all making a break for it away form the group. It's really cool to see.

Jet liked all the colors and he insisted that they weren't hot. I was amused by that.

Jet had a long day. He was at Brenda's and he ate well there, drank a lot of water, and played well with everyone. He got a real treat when Orion showed up and they played together really well. When I got there the two of them were trying to be upsidedown on the couch together, at the same time. They were falling down and giggling with each other. Jet seemed pretty tired when I got him, and on the way back to work he stated that he was hungry and wanted something to eat. When we got there, I asked him if he wanted to just wait for daddy or if he wanted to go in and find him. Jet decided that he wanted to go in, so we went in.

John was in the midst of chasing down a bug, but he managed it. he hugged Jet and we all went back to the van and headed for the Rec. Center. We had a blast there. Though I was pretty tired form my cold and mildly stomach sick to boot. John had recovered remarkably well from yesterday's aches and pains. He felt that he just had a kind of stomach flu or something, not the head cold that Jet and I had. He and I walked for an hour and talked and talked and talked about work. There are blessings and curses with having a spouse in the same organization as I am. One of them is that it's really good to be able to talk with hi about the problems that I'm running across, but that's also the really bad thing as well. The nice thing is that I can count this as time. I may well be moving to being a full-time working stiff and John is thinking of going to half time, at least for the summer. I think that it's short enough a time that I won't loose complete track of Jet, but it's also a long enough time for me to get my house in order before dropping a few other things and being able to really concentrate on the things that I really want to bed doing.

I had had a good day, on the most part, but it was clear that I wasn't going to be able to finish even half the things that I had wanted to do for the week. There are also a huge number of things that I'm going to be doing in the near future that are going to impact a lot oft things. Luckily one or two items are going to go away in a week or two as well, otherwise I think it would be nigh impossible to take on what someone asked me to do recently. So I have hope. And having one more day would get me a lot further along.

As John put it, "You're past the point of trying to figure out what it is that you have to do. Now it's just a matter of how fast can you do it."

He's right.

I had another coaching session today and it left my brain as wildly active as the last one did. I now know what it is that I need to be doing, but I also can see just how vast an amount of work that is going to be. Yeesh. But now I know what it is that I should be doing and how to do it well. He also gave me four ideas of how to do things that I would never have thought of on my own. Some of the concepts are means to raising active conflict in order to gain real resolution on how people feel about certain things, and how to get what people really care about. I would never have actively used conflict in those ways before, I think. Though the "Death By meeting" books kind of hit at that possibility, I don't think that I would have applied it in quite the way he and his people have. Wow.

So it is. I learn at a huge rate still, and it's exciting enough that I'm really enjoying it. Enough that two months of less Jet than I've been really enjoying having is a prospect that I'm actually okay with. He's doing well. He's growing just as quickly. But two months away shouldn't be irrecoverable, and it would be a real boost to what I can do for folks in the time period when it's most critical.

See target. Hit target.

Simple, ne?

We'll see if it's really that simple. I'm having trouble enough getting specific things done instead of just talking to people about things that need to get done. Sometimes I still worry if I can follow through with all the promises that I've made. I'm going to have to dig long and hard to do so. Still, it helps that I've been able to deliver on some promises for a lot of other things so far, even in just the three months I've been at this. Three months. It feels like three weeks... it's gone by so fast, but I'm actually getting traction. I know stuff. I understand what it is that I have to do. That is a real bonus compared to when I first started and it took a month to just organize some things. I think I'm finally getting to the meat of what it is that I'm supposed to do and it feels great to be doing it. That's a vast change from my previous job. And it's a very good thing indeed.

It still scares me how good it is to talk with someone at the director level and soak up the information like a damp sponge. I've already good enough of a feel for how things should be to have enough basis to understand the stuff he's now giving me and how it's applicable. So like a sponge that already has a tiny bit of water I'm much, much better at absorbing the pill he gave me in less than an hour of the stuff I could do with what I have. that was really gratifying. It's good to really get thins and to know that I'm just as good at it as I'd always hoped I'd be, if someone gave me the responsibility and the chance to do this kind of stuff. Gretchen's wish for me seems to have come true in spades. That is gratifying indeed.

An amusing thing that happened that has little weight on any else of this is that I was using my Fingerworks touch keyboard when one of the developers on our side of the building suddenly stopped and and said, "Is that what I think it is? Oh, my God, it's actually one of those keyboards in the flesh!!"

Turns out that he had been looking for that keyboard for the last year, but was afraid of buying it if he really didn't like it. He couldn't find it anywhere in the local stores to try it and wasn't totally sure i f he could even get it and it's expensive to be unsure. It's the same problem I had. I offered him a usage of it, especially on Fridays, since I'm not at work and I do leave it at work, because I have my well keyboards at home. So he was very grateful to find that he could actually try the thing out for an extended amount of time. That made me happy. I like spreading the word for the Touchstream keyboards. I like it well enough, now, that I am wiling to recommend it to people. It is very cool. It works as advertised, and it's fun, for me, at least.

He hasn't had any experience with working with thumb delete and backspace, though, and he does touch type, at high speeds, so he'll likely have a harder time adapting to it than other people. So we'll see how it goes for him. I should have made sure that he understood where the gesture diagrams were, too. Oops. Oh, well, I'm sure he'll figure it out. There's on-line documentation for it, too. So he should be able to find what he really needs.

So it's been an interesting day.

After the fireworks, Jet pretty much passed out as soon as I got him into nursing position. He was really tired from the short nap, the long day, and all the swimming, playing, and running about. He had a pretty good dinner, but he was so tired he played with a lot of his food as well as eating it. So it was something of a mess. Hopefully, he and I will have some time for ab breakfast on our own tomorrow. We have to drop by Brenda's to sign him out from today and even yesterday, and Bonnie said that she'd left something there for me. So I should pick it up if I can.

I'll enjoy tomorrow being off. I am looking forward to it, especially since I know that I won't have it for another two months. I will have the vacation to San Diego in the middle of August, anyway, but that'll be a good break after all this work. I think I'll like having Jet time, then, too, as I will be able to get away to a good movie or two while Mom an Dad and Kathy have sometime to be with Jet. I think Kathy will enjoy him more now, too, since he's so capable now and can talk and fend for himself more than before. It should be interesting to see how it goes.

I'm spending the late evening just lying in bed and typing with this in my lap. The Visor is back in business. I am glad of that. I don't have to have a whole computer setup just to write. The spell checking is going to be really bad, though, as I'm typing entirely blind. No need to look, I guess. It's good to be a touch typist with a really, really familiar keyboard. yes. That's why this journal has the voice of a sleepy stream of concioiusness. I just type what I think.

I've always said that I demonstrate MB extrovertism when I'm typing. I like thinking things through through the words that I type on the screen. We'll see how readable it really is in the morning.

Good night, Gracie..
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