July 5th, 2004


Spiderman 2

Just wanted to get all the feelings down while they're fresh. I got to see Spiderman 2, yesterday, with Jet and John and afterwards I just sat down and cried for a good fifteen minutes. I couldn't figure out why until I really, really thought it through.

Some of it, I think, is a long-ago impact. When I was a teenager, then in college, then a grad student, and then a newly on the world graduate, I collected comics. I read everything and nearly anything, and bought most of it. Spiderman was one of the comics I would always pick up now and again and would buy a few but I would never follow a full series through. The reason? It was because for all that he did what he saw as the right thing, it would inevitably rebound on his head and either try to kill him to fuck up his relationships with his closest friends. Other super heroes had some of that happening, but with Spidy it was an inevitability. Someone would always twist what he did, or be unhappy with anything he tried. I had no desire to read that kind of thing. I'd had enough negative conditioning to see this as a "Never try anything, you'll just get slapped down." kind of message. Most other heroes got some recognition, some respect. Spidy never got what I felt he deserved.

I guess that's changed.

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Another Station on the Potty Train

Jet got three more train pieces for his Potty Train. He loves 'em, and this evening, he went the whole evening without an accident in his Scooby-Doo underpants. He made funny faces when "riding horsie" on my shins without any padding, but seemed to enjoy it massively anyway.

Today was a good, quiet holiday. We really enjoyed ourselves and lazed about on the most part. The Goodells were busy, so we didn't get to see them at all, but John and Jet took advantage of that and went swimming for the afternoon. I took advantage of it and took some time to do a good dry rub of some ribs that we'd bought that morning.

We rode our bikes to the grocery store and then proceeded to get so much stuff that Jet had trouble finding room in the trailer for himself. He got grumpy at a bag of donuts that fell on him, and John saved them from being crushed. Jet did great in the store itself. He was cheerful, happy with sitting in the blue car cart, and while he commented on most of the things that we bought, he didn't grab, destroy, or demand to be let loose on his own. He was pretty content little guy.

He got his nap after the trip out. John got stuff done in the garage. I wrote.

Jet had a very prolonged dinner, as we kept asking him to eat the 'good stuff' before getting a treat. It took him forever, but he managed it in the end.

Then we watched Shrek. We bought a copy as Jet keeps watching it at the Rec. Center, so it seemed like something he'd enjoy. It was fun and he wanted the whole thing again when we were done. Thing is, though, that he's getting easily distracted during the conversations, which he didn't used to be, as a littler guy. Ah well, super attention span baby has finally given up some of that characteristic and gotten to be more 'normal'. We'll see.

But it was a lot of fun, and Jet was asleep like a log soon after. I am so glad that he's sleeping through the night, more, now.
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