August 13th, 2004


Quieter Day

We had a far quieter day, today. After all the activity of the last week, Jet finally started saying that he really wanted to just stay at the house and play with toys, no going out to ten thousand things, and all that. So he got to stay at home while John and I did a little running around, but not to the extent where Jet was missing us tremendously.

John and I made a special trip to the 99 Market just to get mochi ice cream balls. I love them, but usually, in Colorado, by the time I get them home, they're melted a little and refreezing is a bad thing. Or they were already refrozen in the freezer case at the store. I should probably just get a brick of dry ice before going into Denver to get them, I guess. Anyway, while we were here and able, we thought we should go get some and eat them. I also picked up a smallish bag of date and walnut bars (just smashed slabs of sweetened dates studded with walnuts and coated in rice paper to make them handleable) and one of fruit beef jerky for the flight home. I like high protein treats.

We did go out in the evening.

Mom had picked a nice, Chinese restaurant, and we went there to eat a really good dinner. The waiter was Hispanic, with better Mandarin than I had. The food was very tasty, and I really enjoyed the pork ribs, crisp on the edges, tender in the center, covered with a sweet sauce. The fish dish was good. The salt and pepper prawns inspired me to try and do it myself sometime as they were really large, sweet prawns. Jet plowed through his rice, got joked with a lot by the waiter and he just glowered at the man until the waiter brought out a dish of ice cream for him. That's when Jet grinned, sang out "Thank you!" and finally really ate.

When we got home, the Olympics opening ceremonies were in full-swing. We turned it on and watched while Jet played choo-choos. We ate mochi and Jet discovered that he really liked them. Yay!

Mmmm... for quiet evenings. The city below the mountain was beautiful under the moon. I really like sitting in my parents' backyard and just contemplating all of San Diego sprawled at the foot of Mt. Soledad. Pretty...
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