August 18th, 2004


Rollercoaster of a Day

Today started really well. I gave my big presentation to the staff and I think that my main aim was achieved, that they understood what it was that I was asking of them and what all the underlying data was for their decisions. So it's a good thing.

I even got praised for it by someone that's notoriously hard to please, so that was very cool.

I had a pretty quiet afternoon. Finished something major.

Then I went to pick up Jet, and Brenda pulled me aside, out into the rainy porch. That's when she told me she was giving us notice, until the end of the month, that she was going to be quitting this business she's been in for the last seventeen years.

Color me stunned.

Especially since, in the initial interviews, when I'd said that I was thinking of pre-schools in the fall, she'd said that she was a pre-school and that it would be hard on Jet if he was yanked out again so soon...

I went on automatic from that moment on, and just got Jet's bag and stuff, and totally forgot to search for his shoes. He trotted out to the car beside me, barefoot, and never said a thing until I noticed that the was barefoot in the car. Then he wanted to go back and get his shoes, but I said that he'd be going back tomorrow, so that would be in plenty of time. That's when he started his arguments about why he couldn't go in the morning. He's been doing this for the last couple times, getting pretty upset about going, until he's had a little time, and when he gets there he's fine and seems to have a great time. He's even napping there now, which he didn't used to do...

Right when he's gotten comfortable, we will have to pull him out again.

When I told John, he was as stunned as I was.

I am now utterly thankful that we'd done all our homework at the beginning of the summer. We called Seven Oaks. Jet's changed in the five months since we started looking, and he's more independent, smarter, faster, and he's pretty much potty trained. A few accidents is better than not even knowing about when to run to the potty. I have no hesitations about him, and he still speaks about "going to the big school" as if it were a great thing. He's also been fighting going to Brenda's so often that both John and I are tired of that, and he's definitely not ecstatic about it the way it sounded like our friend's kids were.

Also, Mikayla, the girl next door, goes to Seven Oaks, and she and her family seem to like it. So at least Jet will know someone who is there, already.

And Seven Oaks has openings for the fall. Whew. John and Jet are going there Friday to check it out again, and do what they need to do to get Jet signed up. I am thankful for having done all the work, beforehand. Sometimes it pays off to be anal.
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