August 24th, 2004


On A Jet Plane...

The boys are gone.

They left this morning for Seattle, for a week. John and I got up at 5:30, got everything ready, loaded the sleeping Jet into the car, and took them to the airport. Jet woke up when we got there, and we got a good good-bye in and they went into the airport while I got out of the way of a bunch of SUVs trying to line up on my car...

I have been tired all day, but I've gotten a lot done. My boss told me that he's been defending my time from other requests, and that a lot of people have been asking for my help on things. He's also said that he's gotten great feedback from a lot of people on how I've been doing things, and, very simply, told me that if it weren't for me, the whole organization would have had a lot rougher time making the transition to the new process. I listened.

I think I can take that, now, and believe it.

There's still a little voice in my head telling me that I still haven't done anything worthwhile, yet. I now know that it's just a voice and it lies. Emotionally, I'm still mildly depressed, I think. Partially the delivery of the really big item a few days after I'd gotten back from the SD vacation. Partially PMS. Partially the boys going away. Mostly being bone tired from a couple nights of not really being able to sleep.

Some part of me finds the never-ending list of things to be done overwhelming. So I talked with John about it and I liked his perspective. He said, "Well, you obviously can't do everything." I nodded. "So pick what you want to do. Think of it as giving you all the opportunities to choose what it is that you will get done." Wow.

I'll sit on the stupid voices, eat some chocolate, eat some take-out, read some, try and implement a plan where I can watch both Kill Bill 1 and 2 as well as the Riddick movie while there's no Jet in the house (mmm... in-home violence galore while the impressionable toddler is away), and go to sleep as early as possible.
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While I Remember...

On Friday, when John took Jet to the McDonald's, and Jet actually asked to go to the potty. John had to use the facilities as well, and while he was using them Jet suddenly yelled, "DAD!!"


"DAD! Dad! I WUV YOU!!" Loud enough that probably everyone in the restaurant outside the restroom could hear it.

Blink. "Why thank you, Jet. I love you, too."

Jet's made a recent habit of telling John and I, frequently, that he loves us. Loudly. I think he likes the reactions he gets. *grin*
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